Musician, Artist, Dreamer, Creator

Lukeus | Portland Oregon | Indie Artist

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"We want things in this world to be perfect, perfected, and not to contain any flaws. To live in that reality of perfection, we must live in our dreams and to live in our dreams, we must be dreamers."

I am a dreamer and would like things to be as far from perfect as perfect can be.


Most of my music is freestyle and derived from a feeling of not being perfect, but wanting to be perfect.


My thought is, as time moves on our dreams move on and, as our dreams move on our feelings move on and, as our feelings move on the music moves along.


I imagine 2 cartoon characters. One is wearing red and is sitting on your right shoulder, the other  is wearing white and is sitting on your left shoulder. As we start to move into different circumstances that we have cultivated by taking direction from one of the 2 cartoon characters.

We find a brief moment of clarity.

This moment of clarity is freestyle.


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"I'm a dreamer and want things as far from perfect as perfect can be."